Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've been struggling a bit with the motivation to blog lately because my mind is literally consumed at all moments with one thing: a new baby! As we count down the days (2 1/2 weeks until his due date!) I'm finding more and more that every free moment I have, and many distracted moments in between, I am totally consumed with all things newborn, nursery, nesting, etc... When I think about blogging, I find myself hesitating to share for fear of alienating those who don't care much about babies at the moment, but I realized today after perusing a few of my own favorite blogs that this space is as much for me as it is for any of you. It's not always possible to put out content that every reader will relate to, and I need to be okay with that.

That said, I want to be able to look back at each post and know that it accurately captures my life and that of my little, but growing, family. So, this space will continue to change and grow as we do! :) As for what's actually been going on over here at casa Anderson, we are loving having a few weeks/months at home. Last year we were on the road almost 250 days, and that's a lot of days to be in someone else's space! We've been using the last few weeks to organize and get rid of clutter‑it's so crazy how much stuff we had crammed into our closets! Adding another person into the mix has taken a whole lot of strategy, but we're mostly there. I am a crazy nester when I'm pregnant, so there are about 5,000 projects I had in mind, but we've accomplished the most important ones (painting a living room at 9 months pregnant is no small feat) and I'm using the remaining few days to get the details in order.

I'm also reminding myself every day that this is the last time we'll just be 3. Sometimes it's easy to focus on how ready I am to meet this baby, and how excited I am for Lorelei to be a big sister. I can't wait to see my sweet husband with a little boy, and I am so ready to be done with pregnancy. For a week or two I felt so grouchy and I realized how little fun I was having. Since then I've tried my best to celebrate the way we exist now, as a little trio, and to soak up each moment of love with my favorite little girl. She is such a special and amazing little person, and while I know our hearts will grow to include space for two kiddos, it's just a few more weeks (days, fingers crossed) that all my kid-focused love and attention is just for her.

On that subject, if any of you have tips on how you made your older child/children feel loved and nurtured while welcoming a new baby, please share! She's so great, and very excited about having a brother. We picked out a present from her for baby brother together, and we have one to give her when she comes to meet him as well. Although I know she'll be getting extra love, attention, and a few presents from family and friends when the baby comes, the mama in me is so afraid she'll feel left out, even for a moment. Thankfully our life is somewhat crazy all the time, so she does extremely well with change.

Hopefully very, very soon we'll be able to share the good news of this baby making his appearance. If you think of us, please pray for a safe, healthy, quick delivery! We're planning to go natural as we did with Lorelei, and however he gets here it will no doubt be intense and momentous!


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