Friday, September 7, 2012

this weekend...

This week feels like it's flown by! We've had lots going on between Labor Day, my birthday, our weekly COM Group and a few other activities, plus trying to get caught up on errands and housework! I hope you all had a lovely week, and that many of you were able to enjoy having an extra day off on Monday. This weekend we'll be at home, and we're looking forward to spending time with our church family. I have a feeling we'll be keeping an extra close eye on Lorelei as well, as she's been in full two-year-old force this week! Lots of errant scribbles, spills, and stubborn attitudes have been keeping us on watch (and trying to keep from laughing at her cuteness and thus encouraging her naughty behavior!). A few fun links after the jump...

I am sort of obsessed with the show Master Chef, and it's inspired me to brush up on my kitchen basics!

The reviews on this banana slicer are pretty hilarious, Jordan could hear me giggling in the other room.

A really fun looking kid party (or young at heart adult!).

Turn your iPhone into a projector!

Remove writing on plastic containers to reuse for gifting.

Good fish & chips is hard to beat, and this at-home recipe looks amazing.

It makes me laugh to think of a poor student trying to figure out how to answer a true/false like this.

I'm already nervous about the day I have to become the tooth fairy!

Have a great weekend!


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