Thursday, July 12, 2012

favorite things: voluspa candle

Voluspa candle in Bella Sucre
Candles are one of those things I love having around the house, but they can be ridiculously expensive considering you just burn them up. Since the nice ones are a little bit of a luxury, it feels so special to receive them as gifts. Last Christmas my gift from Jordan included a Voluspa candle in Bella Sucre, a mild, sweet scent with Demarara Sugar, Tiare Flower, and Coconut Milk. The packaging is lovely, and I fell for the scent immediately. Yesterday we lit it after taking a little break from candles during the crazy heat wave we've been having, and I immediately felt more relaxed. It's funny how certain smells take on meaning and bring back memories.

Are there certain scents that bring back memories for you? I love it when you unexpectedly catch a scent that reminds you of a person or place that you love! :)


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