Wednesday, July 11, 2012

good things

Happy Wednesday! We've been enjoying a quick few days at home before we head to MI for the weekend for a retreat. Having so few days at home usually means we spend most of our time unpacking, doing laundry, running errands, then repacking, but it's always good to be in our own house for a few nights. Here are this week's good things...

Getting home safe despite bad weather and traffic delays. Snuggle time with my tiny niece. Sneaking in some reading in the car without getting motion sick. Brownies. Dreaming about the future with husband. Making new friends on the road. Jordan letting me choose the restaurant even when it's not his favorite. Coconut ice cream. Lorelei's growing imagination. God providing in unexpected ways. A new pink toothbrush. Finding extra diapers in the closet when I think we're almost out.

Some days (or weeks) are harder than others, but I hope you're finding joy in the many blessings God has graciously gifted each of us! I'd love to hear your good things here in the comments, or tweet me your favorites with the hashtag #goodthings!


  1. Great list this week Jessa! I find joy in many of God's blessings, especially music. He is the Author of creativity and I've been blessed to attend a Christian music festival with 60 artists over 4 days, and concerts by Collective Soul and Coldplay all in the span of 1 week. I can't wait to sing of His love forever in Heaven. Hearing live performances of the songs "Wake Up" by All Sons & Daughters, "The World I Know" by Collective Soul and "Fix You" by Coldplay were all especially moving for me.

    Take care and God bless,

    1. That is a lot of music! So great that you were able to fit it all in, sounds like some amazing performances! :)