Friday, July 6, 2012

this weekend...

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I can't believe it's already Friday! Our week of vacation is drawing to a close, and although I'm a little sad to get back to "real life", it's been such a blessing to have this time off. Wednesday we unexpectedly spent the day in the ER with Lorelei. We're pretty sure she was dehydrated after a few days of sun and lots of activity. Once we got her to keep some liquids down she perked up quite a bit, and we were able to get back to the hotel to rest and clean up. Although it wasn't exactly how we planned to spend 4th of July, we were so thankful to have a hospital nearby and for the chance to get in quickly. Seeing my baby sick is the worst! I'm so glad she's on the mend. This weekend we'll be soaking up our last moments of vacation, and then performing on Sunday before we head back to Nashville. Here are some fun links from around the web...

Too bad this DIY Mesh Screen Beach Bag didn't cross my path before we hit the beach!

This looks like such an easy way to squeeze more storage out of cabinets.

A paint pen you can fill and keep for touch ups. So much better than keeping a nearly empty can around.

All the crazy hot temperatures remind me why I love Fall...this cozy setup looks so perfect.

Raise your hand if you hate loose, visible wires and technology clutter. Here's a clever solution!

Oh to have a closet that looks like this one!

If this recipe is accurate, I am in big trouble.

Have a lovely and relaxing weekend, friends!


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