Tuesday, July 3, 2012

life in pictures

We're on vacation! For all the travel we do, we haven't had a true family vacation since Lorelei was born, and it's already been a blast having family time here in Florida. On the long drive down to Miami, where we played Sunday, we kept busy with a few cookies and a stop in West Palm Beach at Havana (one of our favorite FL destinations!). Lorelei loves to swim, and we've had so much fun at the pool and the beach. We're looking forward to a few more days of relaxing in the sun, and some toddler friendly activities around Tampa and Clearwater. As you can tell, we're so enjoying Lorelei as she continues to grow into a beautiful, independent toddler. She brings us such joy, even when she's just "driving" the cart during a family trip to the grocery store! Someone commented the other day that all of my pictures are of Lorelei, food, or coffee, and I have to say that's pretty much right on. But can you blame me for taking so many pictures of that sweet face?


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