Wednesday, July 4, 2012

good things

Happy Fourth of July! This week's good things is my "vacation edition", as we still have a few days left to soak up this precious time as a family. Sometimes life can get so busy we forget to take time out to just be. It's so healthy to get away to recharge our bodies and souls! That doesn't always mean spending money on a vacation (our actual vacations are few and far between with how crazy our schedule is), but simply not overloading ourselves to the point of exhaustion and taking a little time here and there can work wonders. Since today is a holiday, I hope many of you are getting a little relaxation time in too! Here are this week's good things...

Seeing Lorelei explore the sand and water at the beach. The giant two-person beach towel Jordan got me for our honeymoon, now being used as our family beach blanket. Everyone, including LJ, sleeping in past 9 this morning! $2 entry to the local Children's Museum. Letting Lorelei run through the interactive water fountains outside in her clothes. Cuban coffee. Finally finishing our Lord of the Rings marathon with Jordan (that last one is long). Laughing as Lorelei says, "cheese!" and smiles when other people are taking pictures together at the beach. Soaking up the feel of the sun and the perfect temperature of the ocean (I'm storing the feeling away for my stressful moments)! Exploring a new area with my two favorite people in the whole world, with no agenda and nothing to get done except to spend time together.

I hope each of you will find a way to bring some vacation into your lives, even if it's just reading a few pages of your favorite book with a cup of coffee or going shopping with your best friend for an hour or two. Thank you, thank you on this Fourth of July to each and every one of our service people, who are sacrificing so very much on behalf of our country. We are grateful for you and your families, and praying for your safety and blessing!


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