Wednesday, August 1, 2012

good things

How is your week going? Ours has already included a lot of driving, but we got to see family this past weekend and Lorelei had a blast staying with her grandparents for a few days. She got a few early birthday presents (she turns 2 on Friday, I can't believe it!) and she's been excitedly playing with them since we got home last night. She's getting so creative and imaginative, it's really fun to see. Here are this week's good things...

Jordan surprising me on a whim at a favorite restaurant after a weekend concert. Seeing how much joy Lorelei brings not just to us, but seemingly everyone she meets. Lots of ice cream. Sneaking in a quick workout during a weekend that included a little too much delicious food. Enjoying the new John Mayer album with husband while driving through beautiful South Dakota. Watching the Olympics and feeling so much pride for our athletes! Having a few days at home on the schedule and looking forward to celebrating our sweet girl's birthday with friends. The feeling that God is doing great things in our life, church, and community—His faithfulness is so abundant!

You're welcome to share your own good things in the comments section, and tweet me your favorites (don't forget the hashtag #goodthings)!


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