Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today has me thinking a lot about parenthood. No, not the TV show (although it's one of our favorites!)... Lorelei turns two tomorrow, and while it sometimes breaks my heart a teensy bit how fast time is flying by, I am so grateful for every moment with her. Being a parent has taught me more than I ever thought possible, and I continue to learn and grow with each new day and experience!

Seeing the absolute helplessness and need in your newborn gives you a quick picture of how we stand apart from God. Created in His image, yet, unable to become who we might someday be. Pouring myself out for my little girl, raising her, teaching her to do even the most basic things all helps me realize how much we must be loved by our Heavenly Father. I simply can't put into words the love I have for Lorelei, and knowing that God loves his children with a perfect love, far more intense and extravagant than my own sense of love, is mind boggling!

Being a parent not only helps me understand God better, but it helps me to understand my relationship with him as his child. I see my own desperate need, and the rescue provided by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. I see Lorelei's wonder and amazement at the world, and it propels me to look at the story of the gospel with a new and profound sense of wonder and awe. There is much more to learn through parenthood about faith, trust, and obedience in my future, but as I contemplate the last two years, I am eternally grateful for the lessons God has already been teaching me.

It's crazy to think we just keep discovering more and more about God and who He is as we age and grow. I'm so thankful for a living and active God, molding me and making me more like Him by his awesome power!


  1. I agree! Sometimes I look at my daughter and I feel overcome with my love for her and then I think how amazing it is that God's love for us is even more than that. Being a parent really does give us a whole different perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Happy Birthday to Lorelei!

    1. It's such a special thing to know that the way I feel about my own child, God feels about me (and far more!). Thanks for the birthday wishes, we had such a wonderful time celebrating her! :)