Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tour diary

We've spent the last two weeks on the road, and it's been super busy and fun. Thankfully we were near family some of the time and had a place to camp out between concerts (and some eager babysitters!). On the road, the familiar things keep life feeling normal, so getting to catch up with family and friends is always refreshing and encouraging. A few highlights after the jump...

We started our run in Rockford, IL at First Free Rockford leading worship for their morning services and playing Summerwood that evening, opening for Matthew West. The church was such a blessing, and I was truly blown away by Matthew and his crew. I'd had the opportunity to work with a few of his band members during the recording of "Not Myself Anymore", and it was a blast to see the show in action. I left feeling encouraged and inspired by the level of quality and the sincere heart for ministry I witnessed. Matthew was so kind, and I thoroughly enjoyed his show. I'd highly encourage you to check out his music if you aren't already familiar!

We also had the opportunity to revisit some familiar friends in Iowa and Minnesota. It's so much fun to not only make new friends on the road, but to have the opportunity to reconnect and grow in Christ as we revisit their churches! As an added bonus, we had the chance to record some more video footage with Oceanwide Studios for a yet-to-be-released song/music video. They are not only talented, but such fun people and friends.

After making the trip over to Michigan, where we spent a few days getting some much needed rest, we ended our trip at two new venues. Despite a few unexpected hours in the summer heat, we had so much fun celebrating Camp Lake Louise's 75th anniversary and getting to know the band In Color from my hometown area. There is something so special about the family atmosphere at a camp, especially when they are celebrating a rich heritage and history centered on Christ! Although we got in late, we spent a night in gorgeous Traverse City and after a sweet morning of leading worship, laughed our way through lunch with some old and new friends we've made during our time in Northern MI.

The last few weeks have been such a beautiful picture of the body of Christ, and a great reminder of how blessed our little family is to have so many amazing people in our lives loving on us as we travel. Everywhere we go, it seems God is sending kindred spirits to make us feel at home even when we are far from our own, and it's such a beautiful and humbling experience.

I hope we'll get a chance to cross paths with some of you as we continue with a busy fall schedule! For a full list of upcoming dates, check out the tour calendar!


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