Wednesday, August 8, 2012

good things

I'm a little late with the good things today so I'll get right down to it! We've had many blessings lately celebrating Lorelei turning two and God's goodness in our lives, so I'm feeling celebratory!

Pulling the long forgotten french press out of the cabinet. Watching the joy in Lorelei's face as she opened her birthday presents. The dear friends and family we have here in Nashville who celebrated with us, and helped us make a dent in the ridiculous amount of cupcakes I baked. Being able to let Lorelei video chat with her Nana. Homemade milk shakes on a hot afternoon. Everyone sleeping in late this week (yay for sleepy toddlers!). Seeing Lorelei take care of her new baby doll like a sweet little mama. Having a husband that makes me laugh with a silly sense of humor and fun inside jokes. Waiting with anticipation for our new mattress to be delivered tonight!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week! Feel free to share your good things below and tweet me your favorites with the hashtag #goodthings!


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