Monday, August 27, 2012

music monday: citizens

As part of the Christian music industry, I am always encouraged to discover artists who are putting out Christ-centric music that is both full of theological truth and encouragement, and also has a musical style that draws my attention and inspires me to think creatively. One of our pastors alerted my husband Jordan to the band Citizens out of Mars Hill Seattle, and we've been hooked on their four song EP "Already / Not Yet". I'm a huge fan of their indie-rock style and original songs, as well as their take on some old favorites.

Familiar tunes "Amazing Grace" and "Nothing but the Blood" hold their own alongside an updated "In Tenderness" and Citizens' "Oh God" (by front man Zach Bolen), and the four-song offering leaves me wishing for more (and hitting the repeat button!). The words are gospel and Christ centered, and refresh the listener as you take in and sing along to the spiritually strong lyrics. If you're looking for quality music with a great sound that leaves you enriched, look no further! You can preview the EP here, and I'd highly recommend you purchase "Already / Not Yet"!


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