Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Our 3 year anniversary in Chicago, 2008
Today marks seven (!) years of marriage with Jordan, and it's seriously hard to believe that much time has already gone by. This time in 2005 we were in Michigan getting photos at the church with our family and bridal party, and I still remember how giddy and excited we were to be getting married. We've had many different ways of celebrating our anniversary over the last 6 years, including the above photo taken in the "bean" sculpture in Chicago back in 2008. Not only did we have very different hairstyles, but my first album had just released and we were just weeks into our new lifestyle as full-time musicians. It's amazing to look back and think about all God has done in our life since the day we said, "I do", and it makes me so very excited for all the anniversaries to come.

Today we're in Des Moines, resting up after a very busy weekend. We opened for Matthew West at Summerwood in Rockford, IL on Sunday and it was quite possibly the most fun I've had on tour yet. The whole event was so well done and Matthew and his crew really blew it out of the water! So our anniversary is starting off with naps for all of us, and tonight we'll hit the town here in Des Moines for a little anniversary date. Oh the joys of being in town where family can babysit. :)

If there's anything I've learned in 7 years, it's that God is abundantly and graciously faithful. Life is messy and rarely what you expect, but when you're on the same team and fighting for the same thing, marriage can yield the most beautiful and transformative rewards. Being Jordan's wife has made me a far better person, and I feel so very blessed to call him mine. Every single day he makes me laugh, and I feel so grateful to spend my life with him and Lorelei doing what we love. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life and my very best friend!


  1. Happy 7th Anniversary Jessa and Jordan! My wife Jennifer and I just celebrated our 18th anniversary on 8/6. We also are very blessed in our marriage and we know that the key to our marriage is to keep Jesus at the center.

    1. Wow, 18 years! It's amazing how quickly they go by, congratulations! :)