Friday, August 31, 2012

this weekend...

Happy Friday! I hope your week was a lovely one. We played an outdoor concert at Cedarville University last night (where I attended for a time) and it was such a lovely night to be outside. Some of the students are friends we've made on the road over the last few years and it was so great to see them. Lorelei had a blast touring the campus and playing with them while we set up and performed! This weekend we're headed back home to Nashville, and it will be our first weekend off since May I think. We're looking forward to a little stretch at home and to be with our church family. Especially because they are just finishing a major renovation project at the building, which will give the church much more room to grow! What are your weekend plans? A few fun links after the jump...

The cutest before and after of...folding chairs!

The kind of patio I find myself dreaming of, and some tips on getting yours ready for summer.

A cute cloud gutter that might make you hope for rain.

Jo's post on slate cheese boards is making me very hungry...

Would you be brave enough for such a bold mirrored kitchen backsplash?

Our concert last night was outside, and the moon was so big—this moon chart would be a pretty way to learn the moon's phases.

If you watched as many Fresh Prince reruns (or episodes) as I did growing up, this ecard might make you giggle.

Anthropologie has the most lovely handmade storefronts I've ever seen.

Have a fun weekend, enjoy the last remnants of Summer while it's sticking around. :)


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