Friday, August 24, 2012

this weekend...

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Hello again friends! The last few weeks have been crazy and I was a bit under the weather, so my poor little blog has been a bit neglected. Even though it's already Friday, I thought I'd try to get back in the swing of things! Jordan and I had a lovely anniversary last week and we're looking forward to a busy upcoming weekend/week full of concerts, driving, appointments, and more concerts! Here's hoping this recent stretch of beautiful weather continues to carry us into Fall. I cannot wait for Fall, but I'm trying to be patient and enjoy the last of the summer spirit! Here are a few fun links from around the web...

Delicious looking berry cobbler!

I love F. Scott Fitzgerald's work, and his wife Zelda has always fascinated me.

Sweet (and free) downloadable desktop wallpapers.

A fun magnet wall DIY.

A funny solution for all my non-parent facebook friends.

Tips and tricks for iPhone/iPad users.

A little dreary, this Pin caught my eye.

I'd like to try these homemade Oreos!

Have a beautiful weekend!


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