Monday, June 25, 2012

music monday: artists + fans = :)

It's Monday! The weekend went by so quickly for me...we got up so early (4:30, ack!) on Saturday and drove to the Alive Festival to perform. It was a gorgeous day and the festival was a lot of fun; Alive has an amazing staff and volunteers. We played Sunday morning at Akron Baptist Temple where our friend Sean McNeill is the worship leader and then drove back up to MI to pick up miss Lorelei from grandma and grandpa's house. Today we're headed back to Nashville and I'm beyond excited to meet our new niece! Today's music monday post is about the relationship between artists and fans. Read more after the jump...

Starting from the ground up as an independent artist, I quickly realized the value of relationships to what I do. From day one, I've been so blessed with a supportive community of people who are fans of the music, and it has been so vital in motivating me in many ways. My intent when becoming an artist was to serve God and find a way to tell people about Jesus while doing what I love. I didn't know when I got started what an amazing journey I'd be on with the people we'd connect with along the way! The body of Christ is really an amazing thing to be part of, and during my travels I have been blessed in ways I can hardly express by many who were total strangers.

When people hear you on the radio or see you on a stage performing, it can send the message that you are "larger than life", and sometimes people are hesitant to interact. However, it is the greatest joy to interact with people who enjoy my music and such a blessing to me as an artist! I truly value every  kind and encouraging word I receive, whether by email, tweet, or after a live show. When people feel a connection to my music, there is often a story behind it or a reason why. Hearing those stories is not only a privilege, it fuels the passion I have to continue my ministry and to continue writing songs that express the connection we have as humans.

In my experience, most of the artists I've met have a huge heart for people and for their fans. We long to make music that makes the listener feel like they are part of something, and hearing from people who feel a connection to our art is a unique blessing. I want to encourage you to seek out and support your favorite artists. Visit their websites, tweet at them, send them emails, go to their shows. If you have the opportunity, tell them you love their music and why. We love to hear your stories, and to find out what God is doing in your lives. At the end of the day, without fans the artist will cease to exist. You are vital  and so valuable to the industry and culture of what we do as artists, and we love you for it!

Have you had a chance to get in touch with your favorite artists? Is there a special song or project that means the most to you? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I'm looking forward to meeting you and Jordan in-person when we host you at my church in October. Once I meet you, I'll have met all 10 of my top 10 favorite artists. My favorite meeting to date was with Charlie, Matt, Steve and Dan from Jars of Clay where I had the amazing opportunity to thank them in person for the impact of their debut album causing me to seek Jesus, for which I'm eternally grateful.

    Thanks for your blog, it means a lot that you share and connect with your fans. Just over the weekend, my oldest daughter Natalie and I bonded again as we sang "Worship The Lamb" together driving home from church. What an incredible blessing and thanks for writing such a worshipful song for the Church! Blessings, Kevin