Tuesday, June 12, 2012

tech savvy: hellofax


The last time I thought about faxing was when I was in junior high and my parents had a fax line for some rental properties they owned and managed. The only reason I even thought about it then was because it could have potentially interfered with my  dial-up internet connection and instant messenger conversations! That is, until I had to start faxing reports in to the record label. Suddenly I had to figure out how to find a quick and cost effective way to send faxes during busy tours. Thankfully, I'd heard about online faxing services and came across hellofax! Side note: anybody remember the printer paper that came in rolls with those perforated edges? I feel old.

When I first started using hellofax, I was printing documents, filling them out and getting them signed by others, scanning them in, and then sending them via online fax. At some point I realized I could not only fill in my own text online, but request a signature as well. The fact that I can complete a document, get a third-party signature, and fax it to someone else without anyone having to print a single sheet is pretty awesome.

It does take some level of preparedness to meet a deadline if you're waiting on a signature, but so does having printed sheets and remembering to get them signed at venues (which I am admittedly terrible at). Some people may be uncomfortable trying to upload their signature, in which case they can easily print, sign, scan, and send it back to me. Hellofax makes it really easy to add a signature, as you can either use your computer to sign or upload a photo of your signature. The signature can then be resized to fit your document.

I also use this frequently for signing documents, as there is often tax paperwork to fill out throughout the year as we work with various venues. As a member of hellofax, my signature(s) are saved and can be inserted immediately. Hellofax makes it easy by giving you options to "Send a fax", "Sign and send", or "Request a signature" from your account home page. They tell you how many faxes and signature requests are left on your account (based on the subscription you've chosen) and can integrate with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. I have used both their free and paid subscriptions, and they make it easy to move between various subscriptions should your needs grow or lessen.

Hellofax has been a huge asset to our business as we try to keep costs low (it's crazy expensive to send a real fax at copy stores!) and save time. I would highly recommend giving them a try if you need to send or receive documents. By the way, there's also an option to have an assigned fax number for incoming documents, and you can use email addresses instead of fax numbers, making it convenient for a lot more than just traditional faxing! I'm sure there are other online fax services out there, but I've been so happy with hellofax and certainly recommend checking them out! I would happily recommend them either way, but if you sign up through my referral link we'll both get 5 free pages!

Have you used hellofax or another online fax service? I'm curious to know how technology saves y'all time and money, or even what technological advances you find just plain cool!

Hellofax is in no way a sponsor of this post. I just love to share the things that are making my life easier!


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