Friday, June 1, 2012

this weekend...

Photo taken by Char Beck (
Isn't that photo of San Francisco dreamy? Jordan and I had the chance to visit a few months ago. We performed at a retreat center, but luckily our friend Joey hosted us for a few extra days and had time to show us around a little bit. I'd visited before, but having our own personal tour guide really made Jordan and me fall in love with the city ourselves. By the way, that photo (and most of my Friday photos) was taken by the talented Char Beck, a dear friend we met while serving in Ecuador during the annual Extreme Response Christmas parties in 2010. I'd highly recommend browsing his site and hiring him if you need a talented and charming photographer. Lorelei was quite smitten with him!

What are all of you up to this weekend? We are busy performing in Illinois and Iowa, and visiting family while we're in the area. It's always a treat when our tour schedule brings us around friends and family, and it never hurts to have extra babysitters on hand. :) I'm so thankful little miss Lorelei gets to spend so much time with her extended family (including our close friends that we consider to be family). Along with the travel, one major perk of our job is that we are frequently reunited with old friends and often introduced to new ones. From around the web this week:

Pretty little druzies.

I was on a serious baking frenzy this week, and this makes me want to keep going!

Husband requested watermelon for Memorial Day, and it was delicious.

I spent so long perusing Joy's amazing blog this week. How have I been missing out on this?

Also, her baby Ruby is so cute I could squeal!

Thanks to puglypixel for sharing these adorable iPhone wallpapers.

This cute twist on a classic recipe is so simple it doesn't even matter that the website is in Spanish!

These Cappuccino Pops look divine. There are too many good recipes on the internet.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


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