Friday, June 15, 2012

this weekend...

Photo taken by Char Beck (
It's Friday! Do you have big plans for the weekend? We are headed to MI today, and I'm so excited that tomorrow we'll go to Mackinac Island for the weekend. It's our third summer doing an event with Mackinac Island Bible Church, and it's been such a special time to get away and recharge a little bit. There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island (except for the emergency vehicles) and everyone bikes or takes a horse drawn carriage. I'm looking forward to getting back on a bike again this weekend—I hope the weather is good! Last year was our first time leaving Lorelei overnight with her grandparents, and being on the peaceful island with perfect weather made it so much easier to relax!

Fingers crossed that we all get great weather this weekend and can enjoy some time in God's beautiful creation. I'm so thankful to be escaping the heat of Nashville for a few days...Here are this week's favorite links:

A gorgeous home before and after.

How to DIY a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your family.

Loved this post on flying with a toddler. (Lorelei has been on a few flights, but not since she was an infant. Flying with a toddler scares me!)

I couldn't help but repin this stunning photo. Such a beautiful woman!

One of my favorite things in life is cheesy potatoes. They get me every time!

I would like some giant balloons with beautiful tassels please.

I'd love to make these neon dipped "teacher gifts" for myself, if we were home enough to keep plants alive...

Not at all practical for long-term decor, but this flower wall is so dreamy!

Have a beautiful weekend!


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