Tuesday, May 8, 2012

color coded: black and pink

mophie juice pack plus for iPhone 4 (photos by mophie) // oxo liquiseal tumbler

The color pink has always been a favorite of mine. In high school and college a large part of my closet and collection of accessories was taken up by pink items, and when I got married at 19 there was no other color I would have chosen for the wedding. From pink flowers to pink ties (you know it's love when your groom agrees to hot pink on the boys!), I have always found all shades of pink to be so cheerful and energizing. While my closet is much more neutral these days, I still find ways to incorporate pink into my daily life. Today's color coded post features two of my favorite items decked out in my favorite hue. Get the details after the jump.

Two things that are ever-present in my life are traveling and the constant propensity to spill things. Enter the above items! The tumbler was a gift from my brother's girlfriend who has a similarly strong love for coffee, and it turned out to be a perfect fit for this busy mama! All it takes is a push of the button on top to open or seal the lid. It does a great job of keeping liquid warm, and for those times I forget to use that handy button, the design seems to help minimize the flow of liquid should you (or your curious little one) happen to knock it over when open. Bonus: it also fits perfectly in the cup holders of the CR-V, unlike some of my other go-to mugs.

Husband and I were introduced to the mophie juice packs while traveling with a radio rep during release week for "Not Myself Anymore".  It's basically an iPhone case that doubles as an extra battery. Jordan got his for Christmas, and I got a little bit jealous. I purchased one when the sparkly case I got (and loved) started to fall apart. Mophie offers a few options, and as it turns out, I picked the most substantially sized of the juice packs (I wanted the pink!). It does add some heft to the phone, but the extra battery life is so worth it on the road. They also offer a regular juice pack (Jordan has this one and it definitely weighs less) and an air version, which is even lighter. We both use ours a lot, and if you are constantly running out of battery, I'd highly recommend it!

I know I could probably use a little more color in my wardrobe, but until I work up the courage to jump on the neon trend, my hot pink accessories will have to do! How do you surround yourself with your favorite color? Are you braver than I am when it comes to wearing brights? I'd love to know! :)

*disclaimer* This post is in no way sponsored by mophie or oxo. I just happen to love the products so much I had to share!


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