Friday, May 11, 2012

this weekend...

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Happy Friday! Do you all have big plans this weekend? This week has been jam packed and we are in for a weekend of celebrations! Sometimes I feel like life is just flying right past me in all the hustle, and I try to make sure I'm not missing out on all the beautiful right now moments as they come. We'll be officially dedicating Lorelei at our church on Sunday and we are so excited to have the chance to share such a special moment with our dear friends and visiting family. As a happy result of LJ's dedication, both of her grandmas (and grandpas) will be here to celebrate Mother's Day with us. Most importantly today, we are celebrating my amazing husband because it's his 27th birthday! I'm so very grateful for such a loving, fun, talented husband who takes such great care of his girls and lives his life in service to God. Happy Birthday my love!

Oh how I love these mismatched earrings!

Warm weather is already here in Nashville. Time to bring out the friendship bracelets.

This Greek Salad and dressing recipe is so good. Minus the olives, of course (yuck).

Also, butter. Yum.

This makes me want to redecorate our bedroom.

I keep visiting this shirt online. I think I would never take it off!

Neon is still going strong. Sometimes you need a little burst of color!

How fun is this sequin wall!?

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Jessa, Happy Birthday Jordan and how exciting about Lorelei's baby dedication! I hope to meet you when you visit Pennsylvania in September. I have 3 daughters, and we are expecting a sunny Mother's Day and we are excited to surprise her with some fun gifts and homemade cards and make her favorite breakfast items and bring them to her in bed.

    Take care and God bless,