Thursday, May 17, 2012

spotlight: Union Woodshop

Some people might suggest that eating is merely a necessity. In the Anderson household, we view eating as more of an event. Obviously not every meal is memorable, especially when we're on the road, but enjoying a great meal is one of our favorite things to do. Maybe it's the sense of community you find sitting around a table enjoying a great tasting meal (or dessert!) with people you love, or the vibe of a great restaurant. Whatever it is, the list of our favorite places is long, and they are spread far and wide across the country. Today I'm putting the spotlight on Union Woodshop, a restaurant in Clarkston, MI, not far from where I grew up. Although I didn't discover the restaurant until after I'd moved to Nashville, it's become our go-to spot whenever we're in town. Let's take a look!

not the best photo, but isn't the bathroom (bottom left) super cute?
Woodshop specializes in wood-smoked barbecue with a wide variety of sauces (I love the Tennessee and the South Carolina). We get the same thing every time because our chances to drop in are limited, but I've never heard a complaint about anything on the menu! The pulled pork is our favorite, with cole slaw, fries, and their Union mac and cheese. They serve the fries with something called Memphis Mayo, which is mysterious and amazing. I could maybe drink it (i haven't, yet). 

The building is rustic, cozy, and a little bit art deco. They also have fantastic desserts, including cupcakes from the Union General, a bakery/general store down the street. The Clarkston Union bar and eatery, also part of the Union family, is in an old 1840's church and the Union General is located in the parsonage next door. I will say, we are usually too full to order dessert, even though we share a meal! Since being featured on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives, the wait times at Woodshop have gone up exponentially, but we find that if we go early in the evening mid-week we usually get in pretty quickly. They've also expanded with an upstairs bar space, which has some additional lounge seating and a sweet little store if you're waiting for a while.

This is definitely our favorite place in Michigan to eat and I would highly encourage you to stop in if you're local or ever in the area. It's a little bit ironic that we live in Nashville and our favorite barbecue place is way up north, but it's only solidified the fact that I've become a southern girl at heart. Pre-Nashville, you'd never have caught me putting cole-slaw on my barbecue. Now? Bring it on. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the amazing quality and flavors of Union Woodshop. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm starving.

This post is in no way sponsored by Union Woodshop. I am just a very enthusiastic eater. The end.


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