Tuesday, May 22, 2012

color coded: turquoise

Essie Turquoise & Caicos // Sonia Kashuk Tribal Train Case // cute label via puglypixel
There's something about turquoise that feels really special. Perhaps it's the fact that it's reminiscent of the gorgeous waters of Montego Bay (where we honeymooned) or that it brings to mind the sweet little box some of my most sentimental pieces of jewelry have come in. Whatever the reason, adding turquoise accents seems perfect for spring and summer, and it's so refreshing after months of winter weather! Get the details after the jump...

With all the setting up and tearing down, loading and unloading, hands-on toddler activities, and keyboard playing, you might say I'm a little rough on my hands. It's not easy to keep my nails pretty and painted, but there's something about a manicure that helps me feel like I'm not totally losing myself to the "busy young mom" unstyle. When I do it right, my DIY manicures will last up to a week, and I've been more than motivated to keep up with them since I purchased Essie's Turquoise & Caicos. I bought it to dress up my nails last month when I helped throw my sweet sister-in-law's baby shower, and both of Jordan's sisters loved it so much all three of us wore it! It's a fun way to add a pop of color, and it's sweet enough that even the most color-shy gals can pull it off. A while back I stumbled on this DIY manicure how-to at Petite Elephant, and every so often I pull it up to make sure I'm not forgetting anything!

I picked up the train case at Target not too long ago after taking my old (garishly bright and sparkly) one on the road and being constantly frustrated by its broken zipper and awkward size. This one has been perfect so far—there's a zippered pocket on top for makeup brushes, a slim compartment in the middle that perfectly fits my MAC eyeshadow palette, and a roomy bottom compartment for everything else. The high contrast tribal print plus turquoise accents are cheerful without being overwhelming, and it makes me smile to have everything neatly organized in such a pretty bag.

Do you ladies keep your nail polish and makeup nice and organized? Or are you a "throw it all in a drawer and forget it" type of girl? When Lorelei came along, my catch-all room became a nursery and I was motivated to organize to a slightly obsessive extent. It's such a relief to my type A mind to know that everything has its own little place!

This post is not sponsored by Essie or Sonia Kashuk. I just use and love the products and had to share!


  1. Thanks for the nail tips. I do my own, I actually invested in a light so I can do the gel manicures. They last 10 days to 2 weeks and dry in 2 minutes, so you can start chasing your kids again! But I'm still struggling to get them to look as nice as they do in the shop. I'll have to try these tips with my gel polishes.

    1. I've heard about more people doing the gel manicures at home..it sounds like such a dream to have nail polish last that long! Especially for you with two busy ones to chase! My only problem is we are hardly home enough to warrant purchasing all the stuff to do my own gels! I am pretty horrible at painting my own nails, but I've gotten better by following those tips :)