Monday, May 21, 2012

music monday: Jump

How was everybody's weekend? Ours was busy, and so much fun. We played an 11:45 pm concert at a youth lock-in on Friday, and I totally had to take a nap before hand. As I slowly approach 30 (I'll be 27 this year) I'm not feeling quite as young as I once was! We also got to visit with some dear friends we made when we first moved to Nashville, and do a concert at their church in Indiana. One major benefit to being on the road so much is the many friends and family members we get to see along the way!

I'm the kind of person who buys an album, listens to it religiously until I could probably sing it in my sleep, then pulls it out every so often to relive the greatness. Sometimes I am so enamored I can't help but purchase everything that artist has put out; other times I simply continue to enjoy the music that spoke to me so much in the first place. As an artist, I do wholeheartedly recommend you support the musicians you love by purchasing all the music they put out and spreading the word.

The band Jump (formerly Jump, Little Children) has a wonderfully unique sound with Irish roots. The album I own, Between the Dim & the Dark, is creative and interesting. There are 10 songs, and I find the project so musically inspiring. If you only listen to music in the Christian genre, this one may not be for you, but for the most part the album is still family friendly. The lead singer has a really great sound and tons of vocal flexibility, and the melodies are interesting but still accessible. If I had to choose a few, my favorites are "Mexico", "Requiem", and "Daylight". The CD is still available on iTunes, Amazon, and elsewhere online. The album starts on a fairly upbeat note with "Dim and the Dark" and leaves you feeling thoughtful as it slows to an end with "Daylight". I think the project is gorgeous, and it's one I never tire of singing along to. If you're looking to mix it up a bit, I'd definitely recommend checking out Between the Dim & the Dark with it's interesting Irish-infused pop sound.

I found it so refreshing to listen to this on our drive this weekend, as I hadn't heard it in a while. What was  your weekend playlist? Do you have tried and true old favorites that you pull out of hiding every once in a while, or are you constantly rotating your musical inventory?

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  1. Thanks for the music recommendation Jessa, sounds interesting. I always loved The Corrs and their Irish pop sound, so I'll check out Jump. Yes, I do buy entire catalogs of my favorite artists (I'm a "completist" in that way), and my music playlist this past weekend included "Heart" by Audrey Assad, "The Kingdom" by Starfield, and the new albums releasing tomorrow: "Promising Promises" by Jon McLaughlin and "The Hurth & The Healer" by MercyMe along with one of my all-time favorite albums: "Afterglow" by Sarah McLachlan.

    I am all about the "album" experience and you can't go wrong with any of those albums that I mentioned. You must check out the title track "Promising Promises" by Jon McLauglin tomorrow and let me know your thoughts. Incredible song (especially if you like Ben Rector).

    Take care,